Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#76 - Making Flexible Plans

Life has always been full of good days and bad days, But, since I was diagnosed with Addison's, the good and bad days can wildly fluctuate. Sunday might be excellent and my energy might be boundless. On Sunday, I might feel as if I can conquer the world and my level of productivity might be incredible. Then, Monday morning comes and before the break of dawn I awake with a heart rate that is soaring and blood pressure that is plummeting. What the Heck? I have BEEN ASLEEP! How could I be going into an Addison's crisis in my sleep? Especially when I've been taking my medicine as scheduled.

Maybe I had been having a nightmare and it sent my body into overdrive. Part of my Addison's disease has required me to take Atenolol when the heart rate gets going too high and my regular medications don't work. Taking Atenolol can help bring down the heart rate, but I must be very careful because it also causes your blood pressure to drop. As usual, it's a tight-rope walk.

So, this brings me to the complication of having a disease that is not always easily regulated. Making plans in advance is not a comforting ideal for me since I've struggled with Addison's. It doesn't stop me from trying, but there are days when my body is nothing more than a ragdoll and trying to follow through with my plans would be simple silliness. Through the health battles, I've had to learn to accept what I don't always want. It's a big pill to swallow, but I think it makes you stronger in character. When you can't always get what you want or do what you want or be where you want, then you become more humble.

We have plans for this weekend. We're going to my brother-in-law's house to celebrate his daughter's third birthday. These are the days I do NOT want to miss out on enjoying. I hope it will be a Conquer The World kind of day!

I PLAN on having a wonderful time with everyone, but if my body has other plans, I will do my best. Often, if I am having a day that's giving me problems with my blood pressure, I can somewhat fake it and make it through good enough. But, other times, it just doesn't work that way. Taking extra meds can indeed be helpful, of course, but it is not always quick and easy to get things in perfect order when you have an imperfect disease.

Still, I make my plans and keep going headstrong with determination and excitement. If a bad day comes along, I obey my body and pick up a good book. In between the books, I live life as fully as possible and soak in every awesome moment I can absorb!
My youngest daughter, Stefie, scuba diving with her daddy in Cozumel,
Mexico as I enjoy watching and soaking up the sun.
Here we are at the Real Ron Jon shop in Cozumel.
We are living it up and have our bubble waist lines from our
awesomely attractive fanny packs.

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  1. Hi Lana, We have plans to go to my niece's house for a Memorial Day/Birthday party on Sunday and I am dreading it. There will be tons of kids there, and everyone always wants to sit outside in the heat. I will go late, and leave early, stay out of the sun and have some cake. This illness has made me a hermit. I would rather stay home. I might even have two pieces of cake. Then it will be worth it!


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