Wednesday, October 22, 2014

# 146 - Is it the Addison's?

Having a disease, such as Addison's makes it extremely difficult to determine whether or not some health issues are being caused by Addison's or by another problem.

On and off this year, at the least, I have had constant battles with my kidneys. As I get into a significant kidney infection, I seem to get more than the back pain at the flanks, I also get a terrible body aching that cannot be described. It seems that the body aches are signifying that my body is not cleansing the toxins out of the system as it should because the kidneys are impaired.

Last week, after feeling miserable for a good amount of time, I again go to the doctor and discover that I have an "massive amount" of blood in my urine.

Right now, I am struggling because the infection or whatever is causing the kidney problems is now creating Addison's maintenance issues.

I cannot imagine that Addison's would cause my body to hurt this bad, pretty much 24/7. It does seem that something above and beyond Addison's is at serious play in my system. The massive amounts of blood in my urine are an indicator that my suspicion is true.

Unfortunately, the doctor here in Livingston has a staff that is consistently lagging behind in sending the doctor's orders to the diagnostic took a total of five days for the doctor's office to even fax the doctor's orders for the ultrasound to the location that does the test. So, I could not even schedule the ultrasound since I was waiting for the doctor's office to do their part. I believe I will go see the doctor to simply discuss this issue with her, to bring it to her attention, especially since it is not the first time this has happened.

It disturbs me because the doctor ordered the ultrasound as a STAT test. Since the antibiotics that I began taking five days ago, directly after the doctor's appointment, has not helped at all...I am concerned.

For anyone who deals with any chronic medical issues, I am sure you understand that going to the doctor becomes drudgery. The THOUGHT of going to the doctor is highly bothersome to me, usually because I only go when things have become serious. I'm definitely not one to run to the doctor, unless there is a real problem.

And, right now, I've got a real problem on my hands.

I suppose that a few tests will help to rule out a blockage and then I will be also seeing a urologist to determine if there are other issues, but I feel as if things are dragging along. And I am in agony, to be honest, pure agony.

Today, I've been a ragdoll. Getting much out of me today is almost impossible. I've been trying to rest because the next few days are going to be jam-packed.

Tomorrow, I drive nearly two hours into the Bayside of Houston to stay the night with my sister so we can drive together to be with my dad the next morning since he will be having a stint put into his carotid artery for an 80% blockage they just discovered. He is acting as if it will be no big deal, but I get my stoicism from him in that he also doesn't go to the doctor until there is a clear and present issue that is not disappearing and is likely a real problem.

I am concerned for him...we will be there for him and ready to help him out so he can get home and resting. However, any time an artery is involved, there is added concern. I have had my share of surgeries, some directly involving arteries and others with the main goal of avoiding arteries at all costs. I just don't like having to deal with an artery or the spinal cord.

With my oldest daughter, Heather, at a party for a family friend
who just returned from duty in Afghanistan and my dad is giving
his great-grandbaby Coraline a kiss. She is a PawPaw gal!

However, I am so happy they discovered the is very serious. I am praying the stint will be successful.

A wonderful motivator for me to cling to tomorrow is that it is my oldest daughter's 27th birthday! I cannot believe Heather is going to be 27!

Heather and Coraline...two sweet beauties!

I was 19 years old when I gave birth to her while living in Germany, and it seems like yesterday while also seeming, simultaneously, like a thousand years ago! I have been so blessed to see her grow to be a beautiful young woman and to have her give me my first grand-baby, Coraline. My son-in-law, Henry, is a good-hearted young first "legal" son! These happenings keep me filled with joy in spite of hurdles.

Henry and my grand-baby, Coraline. I love both of them!

Then, I have great youngest daughter is being inducted to the National Honor Society for graduates. She is getting her Master's Degree and will be having a ceremony this Sunday. Since she lives a few hours away and since her dad works weird days and weird hours, I will be traveling by myself to be with her for a couple of days and to attend the ceremony.

Stefanie on the day she earned her bachelor's degree from Texas State and
dunked herself with her class ring into the river! I took this photo as some
family members tried to talk her out of going through with this tradition,
and she is brave...SHE JUMPED IN THE RIVER! A priceless moment!

I am super excited about this event, but my body is struggling so much these past few least I know the reason. We cannot be peeing huge amounts of blood without there being a serious problem present.

For now, I am simply trying to hang in there, but it is difficult. I would even consider going straight to the hospital to get better faster than later, especially since it is taking a toll on my Addison's maintenance. However, it seems that hospitals have such serious bacteria and other issues that I feel better at avoiding them at MOST all costs!

The private road down our acreage...too long with curves to photograph
its entire length, which is over a foot-ball field, but it makes for a
beautiful walk with the dogs.

Even with the agony I am experiencing, yesterday I went for a walk and made dinner and took care of home business, but today...RAGDOLL.

About a month ago, me with my first Grand-baby, Coraline.

Right now, my husband is being supportive. He knows I am suffering and he hates leaving me alone, but life dictates that I be a big girl! I assured him that the kidney pain is indeed a pain, but I am not in a state of disrepair as serious as is an Addisonian Crisis, so he needs to keep doing his normal thing and stick to his work schedule because next week might be a different story.

After all, I have so much going on around me that I can't hardly stop to think about my own situation; if the pain weren't so constant and intense, I would be completely distracted!

I am hoping next week will be better than this week. I always have will never come to an end, even at the end!