Thursday, October 7, 2010

ENTRY #25 - Addison's & Interesting Bonus

Here in Texas, currently, the Ragweed pollen and Elm tree allergens are floating disasters for anyone suffering with allergies. Having major allergy attacks can cause stress to a person with Addison's disease. The constant battle that the body wages during allergy attacks can be draining to a person without Addison's. Frequent sneezing; swollen, itchy eyes; and trouble breathing can add trouble for those with adrenal insufficiency.

Then, there is the good side of having Addison's disease because the steroid treatment can sometimes help the swelling and other negatives that come with an allergy attack.

Personally, I had something very interesting happen to me when I was diagnosed with Addison's about ten years ago. Before that time, I had suffered with asthma for most of my life. I'd had some pretty severe attacks and used my prescribed fast-acting inhaler along with long-term medications to reduce swelling on a daily basis. But, along with the devastation caused by a very delayed diagnosis, I had a pretty cool, yet predictable happening after my treatment for Addison's asthma attacks disappeared. The steroid treatment needed for Addison's helped my asthma symptoms to virtually disappear. I could breathe easy.

Often, I have wondered about other people with adrenal insufficiency and their experience with asthma or other conditions that were made better by treatment for their adrenal issue. So many other conditions are treated with steroids, so it may be more prevalent than I realize. Regardless, I have been so thankful for the long reprieve from asthma, thanks to my Addison's. Yes, life can be strange.


  1. I started out on Prednisone when I was first diagnosed and it cleared up some ugly patches of Eczema I've had since I was little. I was definitely pleased! :) Since switching to HC, my eczema has come back, but overall I'm happier on HC.

  2. That is interesting...the difference in treatment of Addison's may impact the way other conditions respond, depending on the meds. I like HC better as well. It seems that people with Adrenal Insufficiency in Europe are presecribed Prednisone more frequently than in America. ??? Not sure??

  3. My asthma and allergies are better, but I still need to use puffers when on 30 mg or less of cortef.


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