Sunday, March 6, 2011

#40 - Country & City - Love 'Em Both!

This past week, my oldest daughter traveled back to her hometown in the Greater Houston area to visit her sister and parents. We had a glorious two days together. Jam-packed days filled with substance. Since she currently lives in a small town outside of Fort Worth, she had to make the 5-hour drive, each way, on her own with her faithful dog, to be with her family for two days. As a Greater Houstonian, my daughter Heather has grown up savoring all that the city has to offer...all of the conveniences of living in a metropolitan area. However, throughout her years growing up she had the ability to be diverse and would enjoy the weekend trips to our acreage in the Piney Woods where she would sleep as if she were sedated. Fortunately, our family has been blessed to enjoy the best of both worlds, both country life and city life.

Since I am not as fast as I would like to be and I tire easily, we must pre-plan our outings and have flexibility to meet any changes brought on by my condition. For her visit home, I did everything I could to be in tip-top shape for the two day sprint around town. Thank God experience has taught me well.

Lately, I've also discovered the supernatural effects of a power-nap. I FINALLY learned that the power nap is designed for an approximate 20 minute restful state that should bring us to Stage 2 sleep, so we are not left groggy from being brought out of Stage 4 hard-core La-La-Land. Just lay back and allow yourself to fully relax, maybe to still hear all that is going on around you, but you remain sunk into the abyss of resting bliss. All my life, I've avoided naps. If I slept during the day, then we knew something was really wrong. Never being a nap person for my entire life, these lessons about power naps going only to Stage 2 of sleep has been empowering. I am finding that it works!!! Plus, I can catch a power nap in places I never my husband runs into Home Depot for the plumbing kit, I can purposefully zone out and relax and be re-charged. After all, I'm not really looking to "sleep," I am looking to rest my body and mind into a state of shut down so it can re-boot back up a bit untangled!

Getting lots of rest and thinking of power naps, I prepared to be with my daughters for a power visit. My girls bring me unmeasurable contentedness. Seeing the young women they are growing to be is an incredible experience. I am like most mothers, like most parents...I am in awe of the continued life that has flowed from me into these beautiful gals. In them, I see incredible potential. As I always tell my children, each generation should expect the next to be better than the last. I want them to be better in all things, above and beyond what I knew to be possible or could imagine taking place. Paving the way for our children is a job of honor, then the day comes when they come to the end of the road we have paved, so they must take a direction that appeals most to them. Sometimes we want to put a road-block in their selected path's way to keep them from going the direction they want, but we must let them make their own way. It is scary, exciting and such an adventure!

I look at my daughters and see all that the future holds. I want to be here for many, many years. Not only do I want to be here, I want to be as healthy as I can be, as strong as I can be, as stable as I can be, in spite of my health conditions. I want to have more days in the city, more time in the country and be healthy enough to savor both.

My oldest, Heather, at home in her room.

David & I reading a card from our daughter. Very sweet.

Daddy getting a kiss from his oldest gal.

Our Biologist will be going to medical school...we've got the shirt for her!

My youngest, Stefie, with her classic smart-alec expression. Little Missy.

Downtown lunch with my husband - a noon excursion.

My youngest in her flip-flops, you can tell we live
in a Bayside community and my oldest in her
standard cowboy boots.

Near the Harris County Criminal Courts building,
which means, lots of Deputies & lots of criminals!

Getting a great look at ongoing improvements.

I love downtown Houston, Texas!!

One of my favorite shots - the BACK shot.

All three are perfectly in step together. Yes, he was once a drill
instructor and his girls are life-long learners! One...Two...Now it comes natural.

My three favorites.

Very delicious Thai food for lunch.

My husband enjoying lunch with his gals. A little 3-year old having lunch next
to us wanted to talk with my husband and ask him if cops REALLY eat too!!!

Wayyyyyy too much food!!

My picky eater was disappointed - her Sweet & Sour dish was actually soupy.

Me and my NOT-SIZE-TWO figure next to my oldest and her size two figure.
My youngest is still officially a size "0." Not fun for pictures.

Sisters and Best-Friends. I have awesome daughters. Less than three years
apart, but one my husband's size and one that took after me.

These two make life so amazing.
Children are our blessing, for sure.

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