Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#79 - My Comrade of 25 Years

COMRADE: is defined loosely as a person who is an intimate friend or a fellow soldier. A comrade is someone who shares the best and the worst with you and who is willing to help pull you through it all.
I can't believe it! Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. My husband and I grew up together and now have hit this huge milestone that speaks volumes about our level of commitment to each other.

25 Years ago, we eloped outside of San Antonio, Texas. We were kids.

Three months later, we were married in church. It still took another
month before we were finally able to live together for the first time.
This morning, I was thinking about so many moments during our many years together. So many good times and a few bad times, but overall, it has been an amazing marriage full of blessings.

In our 30's with downtown Houston in the background.
When I got sick with Addison's disease, my husband did more than stand by my side, he fought this disease with all his strength. He helped me to survive a long undiagnosed state of Addison's Crisis that caused me go into a Code Blue in the hospital at only 33 years of age. He helped me get through the worst of times. In fact, he would be my legs, my arms, my voice...he would literally carry me as he lived in exhaustion so that I might survive this disease that nearly took me out of this world.
Still, this man is my husband. He is the one I love with all my heart. He is the one I dedicated my loyalty to and my faithfulness to and my heart, body, mind and soul to, til death do us part. This kind of love is beautiful. Even on the rough days, it is a treasure.

Snorkeling at the reefs in Grand Cayman Island.
I didn't marry him for him to be my hero, but that's what he ended up being in my eyes. He fought his own battles while helping me win mine. So, together we triumphed. Yes, there were times when I wanted to choke him, but he never gave up on me, even when it would have been easier to just let me slip away and not make that 911 call. He always flew into action, doing everything he could to pull me through. And, I did. Even when I was so far gone that I couldn't respond any longer, but I could always hear his voice. During those times, I just wanted to touch him.
These days, my husband and I love spending time together. As we get older, we find that the ticking moments of time passing has become more precious and we want to be together for as many of those swiftly passing moments as we can.

Together at a Texas A&M football game. I am having a rough day, am
trying to camouflage my shirt after I had just fallen while carrying a
plate of food. I stumbled and fell against a door, hard. The food
went against my shirt. A mess. But, we still had an incredible time.
How often does a person have a love like this? I do not take it forgranted. One smile from my husband and I'm spinning inside; he lights me up, even after 25 years together.
I love this man because he's not only my husband, he's my best-friend. A true best-friend, not just in title. More than husband is my comrade.

The day our oldest daughter received her Texas A&M
ring - a day of great celebration.
Just this weekend, I was taken on another unusual date by my husband as he signed us up for a glass fusion lesson. Together, we made jewelry. Since we'd already taken classes in stained glass years ago, this was like riding a bicycle. We were free to take as long as we wanted, so we sat in the stained glass art studio and created little beautiful works of art that would be fired in a kiln and melted together to created fused glass.

I'm in awe at the few pieces we created (works of others are mixed with our own).
This was an amazing date and I am always filled with huge love for my husband when he shares such fun moments with me. We are truly like kids together, still trying to find our way in the world and exploring as much as we can together whenever we get the chance.

I love and adore this man.
So, I am grateful to have a Heavenly Match here on earth. Together we've created a beautiful life. 

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. My comrade. May we
be blessed to share another 25 years of excitement.


  1. how beautiful! you are such an inspiration :)

  2. Thank you for being my Wife and Best Friend. I love you! God willing we will spend eternity together. That,s along time.


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