Tuesday, January 17, 2012

# 107 - Taking Deep Breaths in the Country

Life is changing for me and I'm so happy because these are some good changes that are taking place. For a few years, I've sure been accustomed to changes, but usually those were on the tough end.

I have learned to adapt to changes in my body, such as ribs being removed, my spine being partially rebuilt with industrialized parts, my body being patched together with amazing animal bits, and every step along the way has been difficult. The challenges are immense and too numerous to detail. 

So, I'm ready for some changes that will be full of fun and exciting challenges. There will always be moments of hardship for us to confront, but it sure will be a bit more joyful to do it while surrounded by beauty in nature.

There have been many, many times that I've been cooped up at home. I can tell you that I'd rather be cooped up in a farm house as I sit on my expansive front porch overlooking acreage than I would being cooped up in an expensive house in the suburbs that's tightly packed in with the neighbors.

For me, I seem to absorb healing powers from nature. I can't even describe this uncanny fact, but it's been very true for me since I was a child. Each time I've confront a huge hurdle in life, I've headed for the country and its restorative powers. Being able to sit and listen to the trees rustle in the wind, the birds sing and the frogs croak appears to work wonders for my health, not to mention my psyche.

I look forward to that front porch and to having a nice deck.

Yes, it will be great to be surrounded by less concrete, fewer bricks, a bit less noise and a lot more of nature. A few more deep breaths will be possible once I'm in the country, and I'm definitely ready for some slow, relaxed, deep breathing.

For me, I feel like living in the country is kind of like being able to enjoy an extended soaker tub break or a good vacation or kind of like getting a deep tissue massage. It's always been that way for me.

And since I've been packing up as many of our belongings as possible in preparation for our move to the country, I'm ready to start taking those deep breaths about now.

Ahhhh, haaaaa.

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