Monday, April 30, 2012

# 120 - Tomatoes Make Life Better!

Living life to the fullest might mean different things for different people, depending on their physical abilities. There was a time in my life when I THOUGHT that living it up meant staying busy with all sorts of activities until I dropped at night from pure exhaustion.

These days, I find delight and beauty in the most simple of moments. Even though my body won't keep up at the same pace as my pre-Addison's days with other complications, I still find such incredible fun and freedom in the most ordinary things.

This weekend, my husband was installing a low fence of trellis around our backyard vegetable garden because it is being trampled by our chickens. It was a beautiful breezy day outside and he was dragging out the compressor to which he would be attaching equipment for his construction project.

As he began to use the pneumatic staple gun, I watched and wondered if I could handle the weight and the power of any kick-back while shooting out the staples. I decided to give it a try. Now, granted, I would be handed a pink slip on a job site due to my slowness and lack of endurance, but I still wanted to give it a try! My husband is patient and willing to indulge me in a moment of pneumatic-power lessons.

Even though I barely helped with the fence because I was overly eager with stapling every board in sight, it feels good to know that I stapled a few of those trellis boards into place as my husband held everything in place.

I sure wish I could build something substantial. In my condition, one project might take quite a long while, but the willingness to participate and to contribute is ALWAYS present. My mind never gives up before the body.

Since our chickens won't be able to peck and scratch the garden to rubble due to the fence blocking their access, I'm eagerly looking forward to my fresh, juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes to be ready for picking! Even better, now that our Sweet Basil is growing strong, I'm eagerly awaiting the day I again get to enjoy a seasonal bowl of tomatoes, bits of basil, a few chunks of avocado with cuts of mozzarella...drizzled with a tad bit of olive oil, then salt and peppered. Talk about fresh, delicious and addictive!

I have everything ready but the tomatoes! I'm cheering on their growth every day! This year, we're growing several different varieties, which is always entertaining for a life-long gardener.

As I stop to ponder my simple moments this weekend, I would have to guess that my best moments in life are mostly tied to things related to home. Outside of the home, I still have a great time and am fulfilling my own interests, as usual, but home is a marvelous place to be, especially with tomatoes growing strong in the backyard!

You can't beat the moments of biting into a home-grown tomato!

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