Tuesday, July 17, 2012

# 127 - Focusing on Priorities

To follow up from the CTScan showing issues, I have an appointment with a "renowned" gastroenterologist in Houston's Medical Center that is with the Baylor Medical Clinic. The only problem is that it takes so long to get into one of his available slots, but I'm set for August 10th. Since I'm in constant pain in the entire abdominal wall, this will be an excruciating wait.

But, I can do it.

As usual, the biggest problem with an issue like this is to manage my Addison's. I am having a very difficult time getting out of the state of exhaustion; I just feel like I'm dragging badly.

To combat this, my doctor has increased my daily hydrocortisone intake another 10mg in the morning and an additional 5-10 every afternoon. Then, if I feel if I am still sputtering, I take control and administer more HC until I am feeling more stable.

I could have seen another doctor in my area sooner, but I've learned to not mess around with doctors who are mass producers and to stick with doctors who are better known for being in their line of work because they actually are diagnostically talented. And, I've learned to choose doctors who are connected to the hospitals I know practice higher standards of care and who have more capabilities at their facilities.

After you've done your part, the rest is in God's hands. All I know is that I have to be pro-active in getting myself into as healthy as a state as possible because the next big event coming in our lives around here is my oldest daughter's wedding in October. That's only a hop, skip and a jump away!

For now, until that appointment on August 10th, I have lots of things to do --- or to TRY to do! We are getting the house back in order since Stefie moved out to an apartment next to her campus.

Me & Stefie saying goodbye as she
leaves for college this year.

Things have been rearranged because of all the furniture we gave to her, in an effort to scale back our own belongings and to help her start her own life a bit easier, so now we can make things look even less cramped in this big house of ours. Hopefully, next week, the For Sale sign will go back into the yard and we'll get this big baby unloaded!

Another item on my agenda is my daughter's wedding shower here in the Houston area. That will be on August 4th and since I'm a typical mom co-hosting her daughter's shower, I have LOTS to do still. I hand-made all of her wedding shower invitations and this week I will be starting on the Alice in Wonderland themed decorations. It's been a lot of fun to cut, glue, glitter and print....makes me feel like I'm doing art projects for a really good cause! This is definitely a time when Pinterest is a source of beautiful ideas, even though I'm still lagging behind in how to exactly use this great site. I'm learning.

Heather & Henry

Heather's wedding is fast approaching and I'm so excited that I cannot express it in words how I feel! As far as Addison's Disease goes...I will DEFINITELY have to prepare myself to take stress dosages prior to traveling for the wedding and continue taking higher maintenance dosages to keep up with the physical strain and emotional strain that will be taking place in my body. There's just no way that this wedding won't have a huge impact on me...she's my baby! Even so, Heather has diligently taken great care to handle every element of her wedding and I'll be so happy to be with her the week of her wedding, to help pull it all together.

Heather & Henry - Engagement Day
I am so happy to be there for her...she's eager for me to help her with organizing for the wedding and for the honeymoon preparations since they will be traveling to Europe, and you can bet that I'll be cleaning house for her on a "mommy level" so that her and Henry can come back to a house that's without any worries. Her dad will be great as well, he'll help with ceiling fans and other things that I can't reach without a step ladder and I'm sure he'll be doing lots of cooking.

Together, we'll do our best to keep the two kiddos on track and to help remove stress from the days leading up to the wedding. I want them to relax and to focus on the sacred part of being married...kind of a quiet reverence for the huge step before God that they are about to take. We'll definitely be pulling the best part of ourselves together so that we can pray for these kids as they begin their marriage...for a mom and dad to work together to pull blessings over their children, I believe that says a lot and is critical for a young couple to get the boost to their marriage that is memorable and precious.

No matter what is going on within family dynamics, the important issue right now is that these two young adults be given every bit of support that can be reasonably given to them as they begin their marriage.

The good thing is, in the face of hard times, good times, I-don't-think-I-can-stand-it times, and the most connected times...both of these kids come from parents who have made it together, in spite of problems. Marriage is something that can't be discarded without major consequences and that is something you want to pass on to your children. Marriage is something that takes a long time to build, but can be demolished fast by doing unloving things and saying unloving long as they put the goal of being kind to one another as a priority, they'll find more joy together. I hope they get this concept down into their bones as they start their marriage. As long as they care about the feelings of their partner, there is a good marriage to be had.

It's a serious thing to have a's not an event to be treated like a party because it is so far above any "party" that can be imagined. Yes, it should be a celebration, a reverent celebration in the joining of two people as one in marriage while witnesses watch the moment the couple goes from single identities to two joined as one. A wedding day is a pivotal day to be marked in their history as a day that can never be erased. It's a day when a single person with an singular identity becomes melded by vows to another person in a manner that should last a life-time.

If anyone can do it, these two kiddos can. In my book, they've proved their love and determination to be together and to build a life together. Oh, there will be rough times ahead, but there will also be beautiful moments that will make it ALL worthwhile.

Yes, marriage is to be respected and to be honored from the moment the "I do" is said until the moment no more words can be said.

October 13, 2012 will be the day these two will be joined in Holy Matrimony. I will be honored, touched and overjoyed to help them get to the altar!


  1. Hang in there, Lana! Let's hope this specialist can get you some relief. Great looking couple!

  2. What beautiful photos! So many blessings! I will continue to pray for you and your upcoming visit to the specialist.


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