Sunday, September 16, 2012

# 132 - Modified Yoga

This past week, I went to see a new doctor to replace another Dr. I have seen for the past decade. These kinds of switches are hard to do, especially when you have been through the wringer with one doctor and do not want to start all over with guinea pig testing.

Best of all, this new doctor's location is much closer to me than the other doctor which saves me a lot of time, it saves me money on gas, and I do not have to travel across three different highways to get there. Basically, she is close by and we hit it off instantly. As you know, not all doctors are likable.

In fact, she asked me if I had been able to do any kind of exercise with my mobility issues and I explained that I do like being on my land, walking, being in nature and that I had enjoyed doing Yoga a long time ago. Her eyes lit up. She said, "I want you to join me in Yoga next week, no charge. It's a modified Yoga class for people who have had joint replacements or other issues, and it will be unlike any other Yoga class you've seen before. I'll be there and think you will really enjoy it."

I accepted her invitation. Which she gave me a real invitation that she wrote out; she told me to call a certain number, to tell them the doctor had invited me and they will reserve a spot for me. It's a class that is available for attendance by invitation only, so I also do not have to worry about the Yoga perfectionist critiquing the rest of us.

I'm going to try it out.

In fact, I still have my Yoga mat. It's been a long time, but I am willing to tackle a modified Yoga program so that I can stretch these muscles of mine and give my joints some exercise under the guidance of someone who has seen MRI images of my body that has been put back together by human-engineering.

Also, this is a phase in my life that is finding me making new friends, trying to get out of the house more often and re-building my life in a better way. One meaningful outing I had yesterday was to see my grandmother. Since my mother has died from breast cancer, it is especially important for my grandmother and I to have time together, we both miss my mom so grandmother had to lose a child and be so lonely to have her daughter still, but at least we have each other. She's 83 years old now and has had a rough time of it, but she still laughs and wants me to be free of any suffering. Unfortunately, for all of us, life includes the bitter with the sweet.

I made both of us dinner and we talked for hours. Nothing feels as good as being with her and getting to see the strong stock I am made of!

Also, I look at her and realize how my oldest daughter and my grandmother are nearly identical in body type. My daughter even has my grandmother's a carbon copy. They both are the exact same height, tall women, and they both have full figures. Yes, my oldest daughters takes very much after my grandmother who could still wear a bikini in her mid-40's and wear it very well. My grandmother used her tallness to exude gracefulness and that is my daughter...even their arm and hand movements are so similar. It is a striking resemblance and I'm glad to see it so clearly.

The great thing is that the positive changes in my life are bolstering to my physical state, my emotional state, and it lifts my spirit. No matter what anyone says to me to be destructive, I am full of light and can see the beauty of life all around me. I'm so thankful to share that side of me with others who appreciate me for the person I am, the good and the bad. A grandmother is the perfect person to share your love with...I am blessed to have her for as long as I can, especially since my mom had to leave us all too soon.

Life is not always as we wish it to be, but it can be beautiful just the way it long as the right perspective is maintained. I'm doing my best, day by day, that's all we can do, strive to do our best with what we are given.

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