Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#42 - Wedding Winners

A wedding can be costly and stressful and beautiful. My oldest daughter, Heather, is engaged to be married. She met her fiance while finishing her studies in Biology at Texas A&M. As fellow engaged Aggies, they entered a wedding contest.

Engagement Day in College Station, Texas.

Our friends and family have been doing our best to support their effort to win the Ultimate Wedding Contest. However, for them to be in the running for the final choice, they must stay in the top 100 category. Recently, they were in the 23rd place, but today they are in 64th place. I am doing my best to help them stay in the top 100 running. As usual, I root for the underdog and my daughter is the prettiest underdog I've ever seen!

The final wedding dress selection with accessories has not
yet been made. It's a fun process.

An important note can only vote one time. Unlike other contests where you can vote daily, this is a one time deal. I am asking all of my loyal readers and blog buddies to please, please, please take a few seconds and vote for my daughter to win this Ultimate Wedding Contest. If a few readers vote and even possibly start a new chain-reaction by encouraging their friends to vote, then maybe she can actually have a chance at winning! The contest is over very soon, the 31st of this month. So, time is running out. Every vote is extremely appreciated; I truly believe that combined efforts will make a difference.

I'll try to make it easier for you to vote...

After you click on the link below, then click "vote" through your Facebook or Email (You should have seen an engagement picture of my daughter and her fiance to appear with their entry title "God Bless Texas A&M" --- the picture is of them standing beneath a huge oak tree.) Once you click to "allow," it will have a pop-up that says, "Your vote has been counted!"

If you don't get the message about your vote being counted, then it has not yet been counted. Here is the link:

If you voted or helped to get votes out, please give me a comment or an email at because I want to personally thank you!!!!

Maybe we'll all get a chance to help these great kiddos win the Ultimate Wedding Contest!!!! Besides, I still believe dreams do come true...

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