Monday, March 21, 2011

#47 - Sunny Days & Great Moments

After having a ten-day struggle with my health, it feels great to re-emerge again. I'm on the beautiful side of Addison's once again and it is awesome. Sometimes, I can't believe how far down we can go in our health and how fast it can happen. Even after I've had it all these years, it can still shock me. Likewise, the reverse can occur just as rapidly; a turnaround back toward feeling great and having a wonderful day can be your gift for the new day.

Texas Bluebonnets

Long ago, I actually taught my daughters to quit saying, "I've had a bad day." No, they should not say this because it is often inaccurate. Most often, we have a bad "moment." One bad "moment" does not make the entire day necessarily bad. Nowadays, mama is having to take her own advice. Besides, I do not want to give a few bad moments more power than what it deserves.

Coping with a disease like Addison's has made me break down life from moment to moment. Since each moment can change so widely, I have learned to be glad for those wonderful mornings, for those beautiful cool nights, for those lonely, yet savored afternoons, and for those midnight book-reading stints. I especially like the balanced days when I do not feel as if I am starving for food I do not need or gagging at the sight of food. Staying aware of my current condition is critical: I can easily go into automatic-mama mode for myself when needed, but it sure feels great to have healthy moments when I can just exist and forget anything relating to the medical world.

Today is a beautiful, bright day here in Texas. My backyard is lit up by sunrays, the birds are flying around and the trees are swaying in the wind. My little corner of the world is picture-perfect for this second; I am definitely having a great moment!! Hope you are too!


  1. SO GLAD you are feeling better now! Hope it continues!

  2. Each day I've felt better and better. Taking each awesome day as it comes! I know you understand what that is all about!

    Lana C.


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