Monday, April 25, 2011

#63 - Wow Weekend

Having a "normal" day is pretty exciting to me. During my pre-Addison's days, I didn't think a "normal" day was noteworthy.

Now, I silently rejoice when I have days with regular blood pressure because it is something I never take forgranted any longer. Pre-Addison's, my blood pressure controlled itself. I didn't even think about it for one second, it was a natural event that defined self-regulation. Beautiful biology.

So, this past Easter weekend has been incredible. I had a rocky start last week and was not happy because I needed every single free moment to prepare for the out of town company, the large gathering, and all of the house chores that were going to be necessary. But, as I laid there not feeling so great and watching the time tick by, becoming more stressed about everything that needed to be done...I also kept reminding myself that tomorrow would be a brand new day. And, I was right. The next morning, I woke up with abundant energy and for the next several days was able to constantly stay in motion.

After having a huge Easter gathering at our home and rooms upstairs filled with out of town guests, I am still feeling incredible and am thankful for every good day that comes my way. It's one of the great hopes that I would like other struggling Addisonians to know...each day is truly a new day. Having one bad day doesn't mean the next will necessarily be the same. For this I am thankful.

Wedding dress shopping. Not a contender.
Easter Weekend 2011 beginning...Good Friday.
So many people attending our parties tell me that they could never have such an event at their home. It's not the party itself that is the dread, it's preparing the house for so much company and the cleaning that comes afterward. But, I can't imagine not doing this. My family and friends are my joy. My oldest child is a college graduate and is now a Biologist in a lab; she has a fiance and I am very thrilled when they make the one-way drive for five hours to come visit the old parents. My husband and I told our daughters while they were growing up, "We'll always have your room ready and waiting." Following through with this is not as simple as saying words, it takes action. It might not be the exact room they grew up in, but it will be updated, yet full items that hold childhood memories. Spending high quality time with our grown children, under one roof, is a blessing for each of us. In a blink of an eye we'll be also needing an extra room for the grand-children and I'm already getting prepared!! (No rush girls!).

My niece, Shaye. Playing in her cousin's cowboy boots.
My mother always said that having children is a chain reaction and a lifelong commitment. Yes, it is. Above everyone else, my mom always kept a place for us in her house. Our children will eventually acquire spouses, then we often gain grand-children, sometimes potential step-grandchildren and more visiting family pets. It can be nuts, but it sure is fun...and we're just getting started. This is a wonderful chain reaction. My daughters are not little girls any more. The "bunk down together" days are over, they are no longer tiny children. Times have changed. They are awesome women and having space in my heart and my home for them will always be a priority.

My oldest, Heather & her fiance, Henry.
I know some parents who love being with their grown children, but they get rid of extra space so that the kids will stay gone. For some parents, I can appreciate that approach, but it will never be my path. Another tidbit of wisdom my mother had given me was, "It is difficult to down-size as the family is up-sizing." My two children are already in chain-reaction daughter is engaged and the youngest is 20 years old with a really GREAT boyfriend. Things are ever-changing in a great way.

My youngest, Stefie, with her boyfriend, Brice.
A harsh life fact that I've already faced is that I'll be able to down-size when I'm too old or too feeble to host a gathering or to walk across a large living space. May God bless me to one day grow this old, then I'll be taking a seat in other people's homes for such gatherings, but I certainly won't pre-plan to live too scaled back before my time.

My husband's little niece, Aimee and his grand-nephew, Jace.
Of course, Howdy the big dog is part of the crew.
My mother never down-sized. Until her dying day, she went through the trouble and the joy to make room for her children, so we could gather and treasure each moment. She enjoyed life and did whatever she wanted, but she didn't ever quit being a welcoming mother. I am thankful that we always remained her priority, no matter how old we grew. All three of us were in our 30's when our mom died, yet we had lifelong assurance that our mother kept us close to her heart and home.

Me and my oldest daughter, Heather. Easter weekend 2011.

Me and my youngest daughter, Stefanie. Easter weekend 2011.
So, if you are coming into town, we have a big house with extra room, but our grown kids are #1 on the room reservation list. As one of my favorite comics, Lily Tomlin, used to say, "And THAT'S the truth." Period.

Heather and Henry eating mom's fresh Pesto.

David and his grand-nephew, Jace.
Easter weekend, 2011.

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