Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#110 - Guest Writer Brings "A Getaway to Get Away"

I've had a guest writer send me an article she's written for today's blog entry. Jenna Walters, an English major, is passionate about writing, especially about health topics.

Once I read her article and thought about it, I realized how important her topic actually is for many people who need to get out of the house more often or who simply need a change in scenery, even if for a brief time.

Sometimes, Deputy Dave and I take a quick jaunt around the Houston area; I bring my camera and see the world around me as a fresh, fascinating place to savor. I click a few hundred pictures, then feel renewed with my attitude adjusted. A trip, whether lengthy or short can indeed be worthwhile.

So, I introduce Jenna Walters and her article, as submitted, below:


A Getaway to Get Away

Almost everyone has experienced a feeling of renewal when getting back from a vacation. You're relaxed, you've had fun and you're ready to tackle your everyday world once again. The problem with this feeling is that, once it's gone, you have to wait around for next year's vacation before you can get it back again. This doesn't have to be the case. You can get that relaxed and happy feeling any time you want by taking short day trips or weekend vacations. Vacations can be especially beneficial for individuals affected by conditions such as peritoneal mesothelioma or addison’s disease.

Where to Go?

Think of all the places in your state that attract tourists to the area. You probably haven't seen any of them since you were a child on school field trips, unless you have relatives who want to do the tourist thing. Discover your own state through the eyes of a tourist. Visit some fun and cheesy attractions and rediscover the joys of being a child in a new place. Tour your state capitol to view the stunning architecture. Take a walk through your state parks and look for unique plants and wildlife.

Every state in the country offers dozens of fairs, conventions and theme weekends throughout the year. The only problem with visiting these is to narrow down the choices. If you love fruit, take a tour of different strawberry festivals and compare recipes and offerings between them all. Look at a new hobby you've been considering and find a get-together of like-minded people. There's nothing like a quilt convention or stunt kite weekend demonstration for getting advice and encouragement from knowledgeable fans. The point is to find an interest, then follow it around the country to see how the locals get involved.

The Benefits

Taking mini vacations gives you a chance to get away from your everyday life. You will get a new sense of enthusiasm for life when every day is not the same as the last. Seeing new sites or visiting old sites with a new set of eyes can give your mind a sense of wonder and renewal, helping you to deal with stress and the troubles you deal with in your normal life.

Short term travel can be educational, as well. This doesn't have to mean dull and boring; on the contrary, real education is something you want to learn. If you want to see how to make a stunt kite dance to music in the sky or taste the absolute best blueberry tart in the world, the best way to do it is to see the experts and find out their methods from watching it happen.

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