Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#46 - Blog Connections

For a long time, I thoroughly enjoyed a friend's blog and she recently wrote something very sweet about our connection...Suzanna is another writer with Addison's/Adrenal Insufficiency who posts very interesting entries of great variety.

I love her blog because I never know what I'll find, it's always a surprising treat. Sometimes she writes about an experience, or she'll share photos of AWESOME fashionable items such as shoes or jewelry or jackets with fun comments; perhaps she'll put up some great home-decorating ideas. Lately, she's trying to dig into her experience with initially being diagnosed with Addison's so she can share all of the honest, raw emotions and circumstances involved. Anyone who deals with chronic illness knows this is not easy. Putting it into words is even more challenging.

Sometimes we are afraid of being ourselves about our condition. Not letting others know the truth of how deeply we are impacted is some kind of self-protection that really just ends up isolating us. I did this for too long. I think this is why it is so important to make connections with others who are dealing with this condition...person by person we see daily realities as others make their blog posts. They may be physically strong or weak, they might be emotionally drained or on top of the world, but it helps to know that we are not alone.
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Here is Suzanna's recent post...
I've been so grateful over the last year and a half to be a part of several Addison's Disease forums and boards. Having a rare chronic illness means that I don't know anyone in real life that has Addison's. So connecting with people over the internet who do has been so valuable. Yes, I have a great doctor. Yes, I have amazing family and friends. But nothing beats getting first hand advice from someone who has already been down the path I'm on.

I've really been loving what Lana's been writing on her blog FindingLana. (Hi Lana!) She is a blessing and a resource for me. I want to also be a blogger who shares my experience with Addison's in a way that is helpful to others. Last winter was a rough time for me, and what I blogged about was my perspective during the yuck of figuring out how to live with Addison's. It was still so new to me. This winter has been so incredibly different and my experience with this disease have become more positive than before. I want to share that side of Addison's too.

I would never choose this disease. I still hate that I have it, but it doesn't make me mad like it did before. I like where I am today, and a lot of what I've learned in the past two years is because of Addison's. I'm grateful for the opportunities it has brought into my life. It's weird that I can hate something but be grateful for what it has brought to my life- but it's true.
You can visit Suzanna at

Simply Suzanna


  1. Aww, you're so sweet to re-post this Lana! :) It is true, I appreciate you!

  2. Glad we get to learn from each other and share support.

    Lana C.


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